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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Physalis alkekengi seed

Physalis alkekengi fruit
Most Men Don't Pay Attention to Their Prostate Until it Becomes a Problem. Are You Giving Your Prostate the Attention it Needs ?
If you're over 40, chances are your prostate is making itself very well known to you. Prostate problems are  one of the most common problems affecting men today. In fact, an estimated 90% of all men have prostate issues.
Many men just deal with it or tend to ignore their discomfort

An Enlarging Prostate May be an Early Warning Sign of More Serious Prostate Problems
Over time, an enlarging prostate can cause many inconveniences, such as having to get up several times during  the night, needing to take frequent bathroom breaks all day long, the loss of your sexual performance, and pain  or burning during urination.

Not only are these symptoms disruptive, inconvenient and embarrassing, they may be early warning signs of more  serious prostate problems.

A strong offense is the best defense and that is particularly true for your prostate health. It's important to  see your doctor for regular check-ups and eat a healthy diet. Supplementation can also be a great addition.

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This medicinal plant belongs to the Solanaceae plant family.
The scientific name of this herb is Physalis alkekengi. The Physalis is a perennial herb of 0.75 m. high and has an underground rhizome. At the top of the stems white or yellow flowers bloom.

The cup of the herb grows after flowering to form a vesicle (heart shaped) red to orange surrounding the fruit. This is a red berry.

Fresh fruits Physalis alkekengi are bitter and can be eaten in salads. The plant is widely used as an ornament.

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The fruits of this plant are used for medicinal purposes. Contains a bitter element, the fisalina, alkaloids, pigments, and plenty of vitamin C. Physalis has the following medicinal properties: diuretic, colds and flu (thanks to vitamin C), laxative, constipation, for the elimination of uric acid (kidney, urinary tract infections, gout and rheumatism).

Recipes for this herb: Infusion: to prepare an infusion with 15 or 30 g of ripe fruit of Physalis alkekengi in ½ liter of water. This infusion is used for diuretics.

Decoction : boil berries of this herb 15-20 for five minutes in one liter of water is allowed to stand and cool, strain the liquid and sweetened to taste. Contain purifying effect, drinking a glass in the morning.

Dust : The fruits of  Physalis alkekengi once dried crushed into a powder; it can take 2 to 3 gr. about 3 times a day. Grow your own.

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