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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Genovese Basil seed

Basil Sweet Genovese seed
Genovese Basil
Basil Sweet Genovese Ocimum Basilicum Genovese
Genovese Basil is widely regarded as the best for pesto and garlic-flavored dishes.  Plants grow 20 to 30” and may yield up to 7 or 8 cuttings each! Medium dark green  leaves average 2 to 3” in length and have a strong spicy fragrance and taste.

Basil cultivars vary in several ways. Visually, the size and shape of the leaves varies  greatly, from the large lettuce-like leaves of the Mammoth basil and Lettuce leaf basil to the tiny leaves of the Dwarf bush basil. More practically, the fragrance of the basil
varies due to the varying types and quantities of essential oils contained in the plants.

The most important are 1,8 cineol, linalool, citral, methyl chavicol (estragole), eugenol
and methyl cinnamate, although hardly any basil contains all of these in any significant amount.

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