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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Palm-Livistonia chinensis seeds for sale

Common Name:  Chinese Fan Palm
Botanical Name:  Livistonia chinensis
Subfamily :  Coryphoideae
Plant Type Solitary Fan Palm Tree
Origin :  China, southern Japan
Height 25'
Rate of Growth : Slow
Salt Tolerance : Moderate
Soil Requirements :  Widely adaptable
Water Requirements : High drought tolerance
Nutritional Requirements : Moderate
Light Requirements : Moderate, High
Form :   Solitary fan palm, canopy of 30-50 leaves
Leaves:  Costapalmate, divided to 2/3 into 60-100 deeply split segments that are pendant in their lower half, olive-green in color.
Inflorescence : 6' long, produced from among the leaves
Fruits : Grayish-blue. 1/2 - 1" long
Pests or diseases :  None of consequence
Uses :  Specimen plant
Bad Habits : Slightly susceptible to lethal yellowing
Propagation :   Seed, germinates in 1-2 months

Palm-Livistonia chinensis seeds are available with us in bulk for planting purpose
(All our medicinal seeds are open-pollinated)

Available packs: 100,200,500,1000,2000 seeds
Per seed: Rs. 10
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