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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Pinus gerardiana seed plant for sale

Pinus gerardiana, known as the chilgoza pine, noosa, or neoza, is a pine native to the northwestern
Pinus gerardiana tree
Himalayas in eastern Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northwest Kashmir, growing at elevations between 1800 and 3350 metres. It often occurs in association with Cedrus deodara and Pinus wallichiana.

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The Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre -JKMPIC
POB 667 GPO Srinagar SGR JK 190001
Pricing: INR : 5500.00, US$ : 77.46 (25 seeds/Pkt
Min order : 100 pkt
Mob: 09858986794/09419966983
Ph: 01933-223705
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