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Friday, January 25, 2019

ginkgo biloba cultivation/seeds of ginkgo tree

Ginkgo tree
Ginkgo is easily raised from seeds, which retain their vitality for some months. Female plants may be
obtained by grafting. It is easily transplanted, even when of a large size. 

Trees of over 40 feet high have been successfully moved. It thrives in deep, well-drained, rich soil. It is useful for planting in towns, as it is free from the attacks of insects and fungi; and the hard leathery leaves resist the smoke of cities. It may also be freely pruned. 

It is of course best propagated by seed; but layers and cuttings may be employed in certain

Ginkgo biloba has been proven to improve short-term memory, alleviate allergies, relieve
depression, alertness and boost circulation.  Ginkgo, which dates back 270 million years, has long been grown for its leaf, which is dried and processed into powders, pills and teas.

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