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Saturday, September 15, 2018

fruit plants Kashmir

The Hazelnuts belong to the family Corylaceae.The species are found growing in wild forms in
Hazelnut fruit
temperate zones extending from Japan,China,Turkey and Europe to North America.The nuts are small-sized and have a hard shell.Turkey is  the world's leading producer of filberts/hazelnuts and other growers are Italy, Spain and the USA. In India the hazelnut exists in the Western Himalayas, particularly Kashmir,in its wild form.In Kashmir,hazelnut diversity is available in Dachigam National Park and other higher elevations of the state in the wild farm.trees are cultivated for nuts, timber and for ornamental purpose.Some of the improved cultivars introduced from Italy are Tonda, Gentile Della Langhe, Tonda Romana and Tonda Giffoni and some superior indigenous selections.

In the Kashmir vale, kiwi fruit orchards have been established at Srinagar and Anantnag and some areas of Budgam.

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