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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Maca (Lepidium mayenii) roots powder now available in India

Maca (Lepidium mayenii), also known as Peruvian ginseng, is a favorite herb worldwide to increase Maca root powder is added to protein shakes . Maca appears to be a scientifically proven aphrodisiac. The herb enhances both male and female libido and even relieves some post-menopausal symptoms with no apparent negative side effects.

Sexual desire in both men and women. Maca is used primarily in powder form in the U.S. Organic

Maca Dosage Recommendations - Powder
These dosage levels are based on a 40 year old with generally good health and weighing 160 lbs. If you weigh more or less adjust the dosage accordingly.

Available in 120/150 grams pack

Note: 1 measuring teaspoon of Maca powder weighs 3 grams.

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More details :

Today, Maca is widely used as a high-grade nourishment. It has been used:
    to boost energy,
    to improve stamina,
    to increase endurance in athletes,
    to promote mental clarity and improve memory,
    to decrease depression,
    to get an aphrodisiac effect for both men and women,
    to balance hormones,
    to cope with difficulties in sexual cycles,
    to reduce the symptoms and health risks of menopause,
    to fight chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Supports Mood
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increases sperm count
reduces post-menopausal symptoms
increases Bone Density
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balances mood
strengthens the skin
increases energy
increases libido and fertility
better sleep
helps your body adapt to stress
increases memory and brain power
anti-aging properties
anti-acne properties
increases endurance and stamina
reduces symptoms of PMS and menopause
helps to reduce aches and pains
strengthens hair and reduces hair loss
Maca root supplement works as described without the headache from viagara