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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Herbal seeds for sale

We provide Knowledge of the crop,Market & supply the Planting materials to the growers/farmers of Medicinal Crops/Medicinal plants like -

On the high Kashmir Himalayan range, in the remote valley of Sonamarag, institution owns its farms which are ideally suited for cultivating endangered species and aromatic botanical herbs for medicinal and cosmetic purposes

Our institution supplies a variety of fresh and genuine herbs as per customers demand. All these herbs are cultivated or wild crafted.

Abies Webbiana
Achillea millefolium   
Aconitum heterophyllum   
Acorus calamus   
Arctium lappa   
Aesculus hippocastanum   
Alkanna tinctoria   
Althaea officinalis   
Amygdalus communis   
Amygdalus persica   
Angelica archangelica   
Angelica glauca    Angelica   
Artemisia maritima   
Asparagus racemosa   
Atropha belladonna   
Berberis aristata   
Bergenia ligulata        
Betula utilis   
Borago officinalis   
Calendula officinalis   
Capsella bursa-pastoris   
Carum carvi   
Cetraria islandica   
Cedrus deodara   
Colchicum luteum   
Chamomile recutita   
Coydalis govaniana   
Corylus colurna   
Chrysanthemum partheniu    
Cydonia oblonga   
Epilobium angustifolium   
Equistetum arvense   
Ephendra gerardiana   
Erigeron canadensis   
Euphrasia officinalis   
Fagopyrum esculentum   
Fragaria vesca   
Fraxinus excelsior   
Geranium robertianum   
Ginkgo biloba   
Garlic & other Medicinal Crops/Medicinal plants.

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