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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fumaria indica plant

Fumariaceae (Fumitory family)
Urdu name : Shahtara
Cashmiri name : Shahter
Hindi name : Papara
Indian Fumitory- Fumaria indica is a delicate much-branched annual herb with clusters of tiny pale-pinkish to whitish flowers, each 5-6 mm long. Sepals are minute. Upper petal has short, somewhat down-curved sac-like spur. Flower-stalks are erect, as long or slightly shorter than the laceshaped bracts. Leaves are 2-3 times cut into narrow pointed segments, about 1 mm broad. Stems are glaucous, leafy, 5-30 cm long. Fruit is round, about 2 mm. Indian Fumitory is found throughout the Kashmir Himalaya, up to altitudes of 2400 m. Flowering : March-April.

An excellent herb for blood purification, give natural glow to the skin and face. Relieves skin rashes, pimples, prickles and boils
Its constituents purify the blood from harmful substances on one hand and give strength to the liver, stomach and intestines on the other. It regulates the functions of the liver, stomach and intestines.The use of Fumaria indica has proved very effective in the treatment of diseases like spots and specks on the face, and prickles, boils and eruption, scabies, itching Corrects the impurities of blood and provides relief from syphilis and itching. Regulates metabolic heat of the body. Eradicate pimples of the face and head and effectively controls acne. Provides strength to the brain and stops hair decay.
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