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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Goji berry for sale

Kashmir Himalayan Goji berry plant
Himalayan Goji Berry seed
Himalayan Goji berry juice is made from the Lycium Barbarum species of the Goji berry. This particular species is said to be sweeter in taste than other species. It grows in this mountainous region and that is why the juice is known by the name, Himalayan Kashmir  Goji berry juice.

Growing Goji Berries : The berry is a bright red fruit that grows on long trailing vines. The flower is mauve and blossoms in early summer. Although most of the flowers are violet or white, a few are pale blue or pink.As the summer progresses, these flowers develop into tiny red berries, growing more vibrant in color. The goji plant prefers damp, yet well drained soil that is rich with good, nutritious soil and sand.

Harvesting the Goji Berries : The Himalayan Goji berry is harvested by hand in late summer and the plant continues to provide fruit until frost. It can withstand the harsh environment of the region--frigidly cold, harsh winters and scorching hot, humid summers. In fact, goji berries grow at their best in such an environment. Goji plants grow best in a natural environment, where they can grow freely without too much cultivation. However due to rising demand it is now grown commercially throughout the greater region.

Himalayan Kashmir  Goji berry seeds are now available for sale
Price : 3500/-50 seeds/pkt
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