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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jatropha Seeds/plants for sale

Jatropha curcas
Regional Syn : (E) Barbados nut, Physic nut, Purging nut (S) Kananaeranda (H) Jangli arandi/Danti (B) Bon-bheranda (G) Jamalgota, Nepalo (Pr) Dandenahri.
(Nepalese) Ajaya pal(Tamil) Amanaku (Kannada) Damti (Konkani) Baktumbo(Gujrati) Ratanjoot)
Part Used : Leaf, Rootbark, Seed, Juice, Oil.
Constituents : Seed; Oil, Sugar, Starch, Albumin, Caseine,
Inorganic matter. Oil; Jatrophic
acid, Curcin, Phytosterol.
Action/Uses : Seed; acronarcotic. Seed & Oil; purgative, internally & externally
& antiseptic. Leaf; lactagogue. Stem juice; haemostatic & styptic. Rootbark;
stomachic, astringent.
Used in; dyspepsia, diarrhoea, to cure bleeding, spongy gum, as poultice on boils.

The JK Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre Srinagar is responsible for development of 50 well known Medicinal/Fruit/Ornamental plants.  JKMPIC one  of  the premier institution  involved in production,  development, introduction, & manufacturing of  Medicinal, Fruit,  Ornamental Plants and seeds.

(The seeds  and planting material is available for distribution/purchase for growers only)

The Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre offers  superior quality organic/open polinated fresh and dry jatropha seeds, Jatropha Curcas Seedlings for NGOs, Institutions, Universities, Farmers and Garden lovers spread across the nation. These quality jatropha seeds are the richest source for bio diesel fuel and are in high demand by our clients. We also meet customized requirement for our clients benefit.

Available in 100 seeds/Pkt

More details: JK Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre-JKMPIC
POB: 667 GPO Srinagar SGR JK 190001
(Via New Delhi-India)
More details:
Ph: 01933-223705
Mob: 09858986794