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Conium maculatum-Hemlock plant,seed

Conium maculatum and breast cancer
English name : Hemlock
Family : Apiaceae (formerly Umbelliferae)

Hemlock-Conium maculatum is a very poisonous plant that has a long history of medicinal use, though it is very rarely used in modern herbalism. It is a narcotic plant that sedates and relieves pain. The plant contains coniine, an extremely toxic substance that can also cause congenital defects.

Min. seeds: 100 seeds per packet
Open-pollinated.Organic.No GMOs
Whole plant also available
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Self-heal-Prunella vulgaris seed,plant & leaves for sale

Latin name: Prunella vulgaris
Family: Labiatae
English: Self-Heal
Self heal has a long history of folk use, especially in the treatment of wounds, ulcers, sores etc. It was also taken internally as a tea in the treatment of fevers, diarrhoea, sore mouth, internal bleeding etc. In Korea it is used to treat oedema, nephritis, scrofula and goitre. The whole plant is alterative, antibacterial, antipyretic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, diuretic, febrifuge, hypotensive, stomachic, styptic, tonic, vermifuge and vulnerary. It has an antibacterial action, inhibiting the growth of Pseudomonas, Bacillus typhi, E. coli, Mycobacterium tuberculi etc. It can be used fresh or dried, for drying it is best harvested in mid-summer. The plant is experimentally antibiotic and hypotensive.

Available Parts  : Leaves, Seeds, Flowers.

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Goji seeds for sale

Goji berry plantation in Kashmir
Kashmir Goji berry juice is made from the Lycium Barbarum species of the Goji berry. This particular species is said to be sweeter in taste than other species. It grows in this mountainous region and that is why the juice is known by the name, Himalayan Kashmir Goji berry juice.Growing Goji Berris.

Min. seeds : 50 seeds per packet
Plants are also available
Seeds are open-pollinated.Untreated.Organic from Kashmir Himalaya.

Goji berry seed-Goji berry plants-Lycium Barbarum-Goji seed-Lycium Barbarum
Goji plants - Goji berries Fruit & Nut -Goji  Trees - Goji berry seeds for sale
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wolfberry plants for sale-growing goji berries-lycium chinense-lycium berries
goji berry plant information-goji berry seeds-grow goji berry-lycium barbarum plants sale

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Nepeta cataria seed, plant, leaf and medicinal uses

Catmint plant
Catmint (Catnip)
Nepeta cataria
Family : Lamiaceae
Other coomon  names : Catnip, catnep, catswort and field balm.
Catmint has a long history of use as a household herbal remedy, being employed especially in treating disorders of the digestive system and, as it stimulates sweating, it is useful in reducing fevers. The herbs pleasant taste and gentle action makes it suitable for treating colds, flu and fevers in children. It is more effective when used in conjunction with elder flower (Sambucus nigra). The leaves and flowering tops are strongly antispasmodic, antitussive, astringent, carminative, diaphoretic, slightly emmenagogue, refrigerant, sedative, slightly stimulant, stomachic and tonic. The flowering stems are harvested in August when the plant is in full flower, they are dried and stored for use as required. An infusion produces free perspiration, it is considered to be beneficial in the treatment of fevers and colds. It is also very useful in the treatment of restlessness and nervousness, being very useful as a mild nervine for children. A tea made from the leaves can also be used. The infusion is also applied externally to bruises, especially black eyes

The main effect of catnip, when taken internally, is the sedative effect it has and it is effective for calming a patient and is used with success to induce natural sleep.

It also helps to ease digestion, to treat treat colic and to promote sweating, while controlling the symptoms of diarrhea. Traditionally it is used for feverish illnesses such as colds and influenza, infections, rheumatism, allergies, as well as headaches, stress and toothaches.

It is used in a preparation to reduce swollen eyes and is useful for dandruff and various scalp disorders. Catmint is also included in ointments to treat hemorrhoids and as a rub for rheumatism and arthritis. It is used as an effective insect and rodent repellant.

Aromatherapy-essential oil use-Catmint-Nepeta cataria-Catnip seeds-Nepeta cataria leaves - herbal preparations-Lamiaceae family

Nepeta cataria parts available : Leaves,whoole plant & seeds

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