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Malus domestica seeds for sale

Malus domestica seed/plant sale
Latin name: Malus domestica
Synonyms: Malus sylvestris domestica, Pyrus malus
Family: Rosaceae (Rose Family)
Medicinal use of  Malus domestica : The fruit is astringent and laxative. The bark, and especially the root bark, is anthelmintic, refrigerant and soporific. An infusion is used in the treatment of intermittent, remittent and bilious fevers. The leaves contain up to 2.4% of an antibacterial substance called "phloretin". This inhibits the growth of a number of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in as low a concentration as 30 ppm. A ripe raw apple is one of the easiest foods for the stomach to deal with, the whole process of digestion taking about 85 minutes. The apple juice will reduce the acidity of the stomach, it becomes changed into alkaline carbonates and thus corrects sour fermentation. The apple is also an excellent dentifrice, the mechanical action of eating a fruit serving to clean both the teeth and the gums.

Wild flowers, Himalaya Apple,  Sweet apple plants

Min. Seeds : 500  seeds per pacaket
Natural organic, Open-pollinated from Kashmir Himalaya
The Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre
"Ginkgo House", Nambalbal, Pampore PPR J&K 192121
Ph: 01933-223705