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Rhubarb seeds

Rhubarb seed
 Rhubarb, Himalayan (Rheum emodi)
(Syn. Rheum australe)

Native to the Kashmir Himalayas.  Unexpectedly, after trials of all our rhubarbs, we found this to be the reddest-stemmed in our collection.  When grown in the perfect location will make gigantic leaves measuring up to 3 feet across and flowering to 9 feet.  Source of medicinal rhubarb root sold in local Himalayan markets as a laxative.

50 seeds/pkt
(Open-pollinated.Untreated. NO GMO's
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Angelica seeds

Sale Angelica seed
Angelica is a genus of about 60 species of tall biennial and perennial herbs in the family Apiaceae, buy angelica plant native to temperate and subarctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere, reaching as far north as Iceland and Lapland.

Angelica Qashmir seeds for sale 
(Open-pollinated.Untreated. NO GMO's 
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Carob-Ceratonia siliqua seeds

Carob seeds
The seeds of Ceratonia siliqua contains leucodelphinidin, a colourless ... gold and gemstones against the seeds of the carob tree by people in the Middle East.
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Kiwi seed for sale in India

 Sale  Kiwi fruit seeds
Although kiwi plants prefer warmer, sunnier positions in general, you will find that some kiwi plant

Those with limited space will find our self fertile kiwi plants hugely practical too! Our kiwi fruit plants are supplied as pot grown plants, and as climbers requiring support, can be grown in the same fashion as vines.

Kiwi varieties within our listings can actually tolerate extremely low temperatures, and so are suited to the often unpredictable British climate.

The Kiwi plant's fruit - also known as Chinese Gooseberries - were first discovered growing in southern China. But in the last century many new cultivars have been produced and subsequently acclimatised to growing conditions in Europe, and right here in the UK. Although growing under glass prevents any risk of damage to delicate plant blossom in Spring, many varieties of kiwi plant will grow happily in a warm, sunny aspect in a domestic garden, favouring well-drained soils, but disliking acidic soil conditions.

As a climber, your Kiwi plant will require support as it grows, much in the same way as a grape vine is grown. Some of our Kiwi plant varieties can reach around eight metres in length, although this can be reduced with adequate and appropriate pruning.

We have endeavoured to provide a selection of Kiwi plants that offer the most delicious tasting kiwifruits, and as such you will find that our listings include both self sterile and self fertile kiwi plants for sale. With our self sterile varieties, a male flowering plant is required to pollinate a complementary female flowering plant variety in order to produce fruit, with roughly one male Kiwi plant required for up to seven female kiwi plants. But for those with less room to spare, our self fertile varieties provide a practical space-saving solution as each single plants is able to self pollinate and produce fruits.

Kiwi seeds/plants are available

How to grow Kiwi fruit from Seeds

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Buy Kiwi fruit seeds
Available in 100,250 & 500 seeds per packet
Seeds are natural.Open-pollinated. Organic from Kashmir Himalaya

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